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Practice Go skills with fun games

Regular practice with Go problems (a.k.a Tsumego) is essential to improving your reading ability, pattern recognition, and intuition. If you're too busy to find time to play games, spending 10 to 30 minutes every day on Go problems can help your Go skills stay sharp. However, solving Go problems can feel like a boring exercise, or eating vegetables you don't particularly like. That's why BadukPop goes all the way to make Go problems FUN! Here are a few ways BadukPop makes Go practice exciting:

BadukPop Items

Used to start a problem set. You gain one ticket per hour, up to a maximum of 3.
If you finish a problem set perfectly, you win a ticket right away!
Move Finder
Used during a problem set. This item plays one correct move for you automatically.
Time Freeze
Used during a problem set. This item pauses the problem timer so you can take a break.
Spare Balloon
Used during a problem set. When there is one balloon left, this item restores the second balloon.
Flag Change
Changes your flag on the Global Leaderboard.

Hello Aji!

It's our pleasure to introduce Aji, BadukPop's mascot! Aji is a golden Go stone with wings. Aji is your loyal cheerleader, always rooting for you!

The concept and initial drawing of Aji was done by Hajin Lee, and the 3D work was done by Daniel Bösze.

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