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Learn the rules of the ancient Chinese board game Go - also known as Baduk (바둑) or Weiqi (圍棋) - with a fun, interactive tutorial. Sharpen your Go skills with daily random Go problems (Tsumego) at your choice of difficulty level. Play games online or with a variety of AI opponents, each with its own unique playing style and strength.

This app is for players of any level, from complete beginner to professional.

Screenshot of BadukPop game
Screenshot of BadukPop game
Game screenshot
BadukPop game screenshot

Hello Aji!

It's our pleasure to introduce Aji, BadukPop's mascot! Aji is a golden Go stone with wings. Aji is your loyal cheerleader, always rooting for you!

The concept and initial drawing of Aji was done by Hajin Lee, and the 3D work was done by Daniel Bösze.

Aji character image
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